Friday, February 4, 2011

The Eye Behind a Gun

I have already written about Maoist problem and my stand on it.Luckily I had a chance to interact with a Para-Military.I am going to share the conversation here.
I was coming by train.It was a long journey.I was bored.The train reached Tatanagar at 9 a.m. The next station was Kharagpur,my destination.Between these two stations lies the Jangal Mahal.This place is not supposed to be safe .Railway stops all the trains here at night.I knew all these things.But I was surprised to see that some 50 Para military boarded the train.After some time one of them came and sat opposite to me.I was too curious.So the conversation started ...
[I translated it from Hindi to English ]
Me : Hey ,This is a nice gun.What is it ? Ak?57?47?
P-M: (Smiles ) You already told it .This is Ak -47
Me : Wow ,I have never seen an Ak in real life.How many bullets are used at a time?
P-M: 20.
Me :Nice to know .You know I am so curious about guns .I played lots of games...
P-M:(smiles) You know ,there is a difference.In real life you don't die twice.Last month my companion died .Some one shot him like in games.
Me: I am sorry .I should not have said that.
P-M : It is Ok.Any way go and sleep .We are there.Nothing gonna happen.
Me :Hey No !!!!I wanna know some things.This place is so much messy .How do you know where are they?
P-M:We don't until a bullet comes.
Me:OMG.But why this much security in a train even in day time?
P-M:A war is going on dude.A war which have no result.Don't worry you will see force even in rail tracks in some days.
Me:Hey.I wonder where do they get their weapons from? This is not Kargil .This is inside India.
P-M: You guys give it.
Me: What?
P-M:The government.Jharkhand ,W.B everywhere some of the political parties support them.You choose your leaders.
Me:Awsome .You are saying that we are fighting against ourselves?
P-M: (Smiles) "Sab gandha hai par dhanda hai yeah"
Me: So what do you think  about the villagers .They are so poor .I have been to this place.I saw the fear in their eyes.How are they leaving?
P-M: (smiles) Adjustment. They give shelter to both the army and Maoists.
Me : What?
P-M:India ,Dude.
Me : Don't you fear death?
P-M: Why do you play games?
Me: I like it.
P-M: What is the use of the weapons if you don't use them?

The conversation went on .I was really happy to know that Indian Army is not that dumb. What do you think?


  1. we have a union minister whose party is (as per media reports) helping/sheltering maoists...and she is widely believed to be the next CM or thereabouts!! Her MP (she calls him a rebel but has not moved to get him disqualified) has come out speaking about their ties....

    what more can you expect....

  2. I will write about that MP sometime .He is my Personal Favourite

  3. thanks for sharing... till now only good people are suffering, and now the so callled 'change' .. ( poriborton!!!) has also come.. but resultt will be the same for sure.. :-/