Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Questions?

Ok, I agree with the fact that Maoists are terrorist ,still somethings disturb me.The first question that comes to my mind is WHY? Why the Maoist problem is even there?
The first answer that comes to my mind is poverty.These people live in the best naturally gifted place in India.They have forest .They have the mines . According to the constitution the Jangal Mahal is owned by them.Despite having so much natural resources how can they be poor ?

The answer, I think ,can be given by the  industries there.They are just using these tribal people's property,most of the cases without giving them any of the share of the profit.
As far as I think this is the origin of Maoist problem .The anger was always there and then it outbursted suddenly during the Naxalbari Movements in late 80's.
this is India not Africa

But the basic difference with 80's is now they attack the poor villagers also.The question that comes to my mind is again why ? Why will they kill each other? Why are those Big shots never  attacked by Maoists?

Ok, now let us  focus on the CRPF staying there .Yes I respect them ,except for the part that they are completely brainwashed people.Most of  the times they end up killing innocent people.In the name of operation they actually torture the native tribal.

Photo from a newspaper ..the caption was SUCCESS

Can I ask where the hell the MAOISTS get the money and support to fight INDIAN ARMY?Are Indian government and security a fool?No, I don't think so.If you think about it the answer is pretty obvious corruption.
It is really a nice plan......
Give money to both Maoists and Indian Government and let them fight .In this process some of the innocent people and Army Jawans will die .But any way it won't matter cause after sometime people will forget.Sometimes people like Arundhati Roy will shout.But it is ok.The terms like patriotism will be there to save them and make Arundhati Roy look like a bitch shouting against her own country.Meanwhile they will silently EXPLOIT THE NATURAL RESOURCES OF THAT AREA.

I visited such an area recently .What I find was TERROR,POVERTY. The state of tribes has not improved much but the terror has increased many times.They are the easiest target of both Indian Army and Maoist.They really don't want to support anyone .Everything is secondary when you fight for your food.They are the one who is loosing everything .

 I don't know the solution of this problem but still I am desperately hoping something good will happen.Something Good
There is more to it it  here


  1. For god's sake edit your article man! Its killing me.

  2. arpan, what an article man! yes, all in the name of nationalism. we want those tribals to face everything! everything :( arundhati ji is one of those last hopes we have! keep up the good work plz!

    i'll give my identity some time later :)

  3. Do I know you ? And thanks for the comment.

  4. I see great potential in you....esp that photo and ur remark under it...keeping it out of context...very well done...there was a hue and cry about it too...of how the Maoists who were killed in the encounter were not brought back in a manner befitting.....but you have chosen to put that so as to provide backing for your claim of innocent people being tortured....brilliant..tell the truth but not the whole things unrelated in close proximity but do not explicitly mention any relation so as to cover your own should try journalism, PR ,politics...or...something like that

  5. I know what I should try. This was just my opinion.I don't know the truth.I just thought war cannot be a solution .I never supported anybody

  6. Problem is not naxalites, problem are people like you who can use their intellectual prowess to ridicule their own country.