Thursday, January 27, 2011


(Disclaimer   Everything said below is personal opinion.I truly respect your opinion.So feel free to express them)

Love ehh? Friendship huh? I mean, really are you worried about these things?Well I  saw people writing about it. So I said to myself " What do you think?"To be frank I am not that stupid to differentiate between them and terminate some perfect friendships.

 As our old guy Aristotle said " Everybody is selfish." I believe this.But wait,the real definition of self changes from time to time and that is the difference  between love and friendship( if you can really  differentiate.) All other things according to me are bullshit.With friends you can enjoy even the hell  but somewhere deep inside you know this is not forever."THEY HAVE THEIR OWN LIFE".But when you love someone you know that your partner's life is related to you.Both of your self interest  have some large intersection (if not completely overlapping ).

So what  about crush? It is awesome.Crushes are awesome.I heard one Bengali song long ago .Lemme translate that song "I have no bonds.I fall in love with anyone anytime anywhere."(Nachiketa).It is very natural to like someone and praise someone and to impress someone even if you have someone(don't take my word for granted contact Freud (the guy in stop stop stop video :D)).After all we are nothing but animals.But we are social animals and supposed to have  brains.So we don't go all the way like them. I think crush originates from the very biological basic.But it is different from sexual lust.It is sexual lust but with covers.

Sexual lust?Yes .This is something very raw and that's why very natural.But if it is only sexual it has the least half life among  all relations.

Love among all of them is the most complicated one.It makes you dizzy.I heard people saying "It is like heaven."Ok,it may be heaven or may be hell.Who cares?I just find out somebody in Facebook said "love is a process to make each other better ."I agree.Love is symbiosis.I heard people saying "It is bullshit." "Everything is about sex man" "Career first,love can make your career fall down" and also "it is so romantic","Sex ewww ","Sex can wait" .Check this out

Any way I should say something about them .It is fine for you to think the way you think.But please stop giving free GYAN to others.Let everybody interpret their life as they want.

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