Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My experiments with truth

Truth is nothing but a misleading concept.There cannot be any absolute truth in any sense ,there are only facts.But a truth is as one my friends says "nothing but what we personally think to be true ,you cannot say the same applies for everybody."
In our life we all face situations when we are accused of lying about something or somebody.But I personally see nothing bad in telling the facts in your own way.This is a special technique which everybody cannot do.So they just blatantly lie or if the person is dumb he says the fact and convince himself to be a "follower of truth".

  Telling the facts in an altered but scientifically correct way actually helps. There is no point of arguing with arrogant  or jealous people. So let them hear what they want to hear.

Yes I do agree world would have been a much better place if we only express facts.Game theory says so .But the most illogical thing in game theory is to assume  everything is logical.After all everybody even the person who supports truth will deliver the facts with his opinion and emotion mixed with it.

But I also hate the persons who blatantly lie to save their back .They think that they can get away with it.But they cannot, cause they will land up in contradiction.It is just lack of intelligence or common sense to handle the situation .But I know common sense is not too common.So it is ok.
 (this post is completely intentional against some people but I regret the fact that they won't read this post because they don't read :P)

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  1. Ur absolutely right....I hav da same viewpoint in case of facts & truth....they r 2 opp. sides of the same coin....they r not same.