Friday, April 22, 2011

How does it matter?

Yes .It does matter .No I am not talking about politics ,I am not talking about some huge things either.I am talking about the small contributions we can do to make this world beautiful.
Do you remember last time you saw someone throwing plastic in road and you asked him to not to litter this place and the answer he gave ? The typical answer- "How does it matter ?Everybody does this .Even if I change things are not gonna change."
I say yes ,things will change .I saw at least 3 people changed about throwing plastic and I hope these three will change 9.
I know people who carry plastics in their pocket back to room just to put it in a dustbin.
Is not that a success?
The small things do matter.
In public transport we see thousands of fights .I never understood WHY?If that guy is stepping on my foot, of course he is not doing it intentionally. So why shall I shout on him ? I can just ask him to remove his foot from my mine with a smile.

There is one more story about cold drinks . I know initially  one guy said no to cold drinks for a reason. Now that number is 6 .These 6 people are fighting to increase the number of their groupies.
You know what 6 means?
180 cold drinks a month .That's a huge number.
It is not only about cold drinks or plastics or smile ,it is about us.It shows what are we inside.
With great power comes great responsibilities. We,the human race ,are the only known super power of this universe if we don't show our responsibilities ,who will?


  1. Totally agree...

    Totally dedicating your life to such a goal, though a noble one, is not what you can expect of normal people under normal circumstances. But rightly pointed out, these are the small things that does actually matter.....

  2. this is not even for noble goal,this one is for our own improvement

  3. Awesome! Exactly my thought. Every time I say not to plastic carry covers, I look around to see more people doing it. Once in a while I have influenced people with that gesture. And am happy with it.
    When we say do it to others, lets just think if we do it first. :)