Friday, November 22, 2013

Stairs and Men

            Stairs and Men

A man is climbing the stairs,
Skipping one or two, jumping
A man is climbing the stairs.
Step by step, one step at a time.

Two men are climbing the stairs,
A man with fickle quick steps,
A man with firm grounded steps,
or May be they are not climbing at all.

Two men wanted to stop climbing.
A man wanted to reach  the next floor,
A man wanted to reach the top ,
Because they wanted to stop climbing

Two men were climbing their stairway ,
each climbing his stairway to  heaven
Two men were determined to climb
or may be too tired to think..

One man did not know..
the stairs are endless..
One man did not know each step
can be a floor..

Two men wanted a life..
Two men kept on climbing..