Friday, October 14, 2011

A day with camera

After finishing my examinations ,I was once again in my favorite city with my favorite tool.In a blissful morning of Kolkata I traveled with my camera aimlessly.Once again the city bestowed me with some catchy moment .Some of the following pictures are from park street and some from Puja Pandals.
The joy(?) of sharing
I saw them on a busy morning in park street.The eternal question of the surrealist poet haunted me
"If I come back after twenty years will they still be there?" (you need to be fan of Bangla Band to understand this)
Moheener Ghoraguli
The Jesus of Kolkata
The death is creeping beside you,     (দু পাশে উদ্যত মৃত্যু ,তার মাঝখান দিয়ে তুমি টলতে টলতে হেটে যাও ,
You are staggering through ,                কলকাতার সমস্ত traffic তুমি কোন এক মন্ত্রবলে থামিয়ে দিয়েছ ,
The traffic of the city is stopped ,      ভিখারী মায়ের শিশু তুমি কলকাতার যিশু )
As if you stopped them ,
As if you have the divine power,
The children of the footpath,
You, You are the Jesus of Kolkata.     Source (Kolkatar Jishu by Nirendranath Chakrabarty)
Jesus of Kolkata
The Folk of a city 
If you ask me to leave my poems,                         ( যদি কেড়ে নিতে বল কবিতা ঠাসা খাতা ,
I never will.                                                                 যেন আমি কাড়তে দেব না 
If you ask me to stop singing folks of the city           যদি ছেড়ে দিতে বল সহুরে কথকতা 
I never will                                                                  যেন আমি ছাড়তে দেব না )
Because I know,
I know how deep the quicksand is .          Source :
Nagor baul 


  1. excellent !! rilly liked it.. just one thing.. first photograph is a lil bit out of focus.. am sure enough tht u hv noticed it.. still...!

  2. the composition of the first picture forced me to give that.. but I took that picture by hiding and zooming so thats why out of focus..I did not even looked at my screen while taking the picture ,, but hey thanks