Tuesday, August 9, 2011

India Against Corruption

Yah ,I am talking about it too.I really have no doubt about intention of Anna Hazare.But I really have doubt about rest of the clowns. Jan Lokapal what started as a good campaign against corruption now turned into a mere political agenda. Every post I see supporting Jan Lok Pal is now filled up with who was Neheru,what happened to Sonia,what is wrong with congress etc. Ohh your God.Stop It for God's sake. As if other political parties are full of honest people.I really hate Neheru ,but I really think we are missing the point here by becoming political.

Why is corruption there? The answer is because of competition,because of our huge population and because of our mentality. I grow up in a nation where it is taken for granted that you got to pay the government official to get a work done.My dear friends,how many of you actually paid the police verification officer for your passport?We actually feel relived if somebody takes less bribe.

But suddenly we are all shouting against the politician. I say why don't you stand in a queue in public transport? I say why don't you stop paying bribes to get your work done?Why don't you stand up against the weaker you?

Once again ,yah I agree Jan Lokpal will bring us a change,but it won't lust long until we change and I am counting on us.


  1. What the f***king nonsense....Why didn't you tell the same thing to Gandhiji and nehru about indian independence....

    Thank god..you guys were not alive....

  2. Neheru seriously?
    He never did anything for freedom... about gandhiji what is your point? Thank god I was not alive.. in those days :)