Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Manny of my friends asked me this question.Many of them love to humiliate others on this question ." Why rock?Why Metal?" Why can't you just listen to Rihana ,Eminem and bla bla whoever it is...
Really I have no answer to this question.I agree that I don't listen to what most of the people listen to. But what can I do?
"Forever trusted in who we are " touches my heart more than "It's a love story ,baby just say it"
"Wherever I may roam " gives me more freedom than "just gonna stand there "
Though now I know  that there is a tendency for normal people to mock or to tag something which they don't understand .But I used to be surprised why people tag metal as frustration,noise etc.
Showing the dark side of life does not necessarily means frustration. It is just saying that life is not like those stupid songs.It is just asking you to grow up and accept the facts of life.
(Death metal ,black metal these are cults.They have a complete different view point for life.If you don't understand them leave them alone)
Yes, the music is different from "normal songs " but anybody who has tried to play it knows how organized their structure is.Listen to the drums of Ulrich ,you will understand how tough it is to create such "noise".
Listen to Pink Floyd you will know what is poetry.
This is a funny world you know.People listening to songs says "kuch lag rahi ai yaar " Damn it !!!It is a song not a almost porn video. I hardly see any so called song becoming famous without the video and without girls in bikinis in it.
I have yet to find a "POP " or "Rap" which talks about something other than love, sex and fun. I am yet to hear a pop which engages my mind.I have never listened  to anything like psychedelic POP .
There is a humble request Please don't comment on what you don't understand. The person who loves metal or rock for him it is not just a source of entertainment it is a way of life


  1. i can suggest one rap : 'handlebars' by flobots