Saturday, April 21, 2012


IS DISTRACTION TOTALLY UNNECESSARY ? This is one of the question that has haunted me for years. The little imperfectness that we have in a otherwise perfect life , does it make our life worse?
Well, the name of my blog literally translates to randomness.So it is evident that I like imperfection, rather I celebrate it.

 Let's take music for example. They used to play guitars with sweet melodious sound. But with the birth of electric guitar a revolution took place .The revolution named distortion .They said it is the sound guitar makes when it is damaged or not played properly about what will be the music of  near future .In 1960s some musician started using it intentionally .Rest ,as you know, is history,

Now distortion is a way of life in music. You cannot even think of any genre/ sub-genre of rock without distortion.
 Wait ,you did not think that music is the only example I have in my mind.If you did then you will be wrong .Have you ever taken a blurry picture and thought "Shit man!! What the hell am I gonna do with this ?".They said blurs are bad . We all rejected blurry pictures.But if you think about it as an element of the picture, then everything changes magically. You realize it is the missing link between a static image and motion.

the break amidst randomness 
I wonder how such unwanted things can convey so much information.It again provokes the question who decides what is perfect and what is not? Who judges the criteria of wanted and unwanted ? Are you watching closely,Close enough to discard the randomness of life as unwanted things?